God Wants Igbo To Be President In 2023 – Dr Ezeife

Punch reported that a former governor of Anambra State,

Dr Chukwuemeka Ezeife, on Monday said from the look of things it seemed God had willed the Igbo to produce the next president of the country.

Ezeife spoke at the Prof Akunyili Women Development Centre, Awka, Anambra State during a summit for the grand opening of the Global Movement for Igbo Presidency 2023.

He commended the initiator of the Global Movement for Igbo Presidency , Kennedy Iyere, from Edo State

He said,

“It appears God in heaven is saying it is time for a Nigerian President of Igbo extraction.

“Other Nigerians seem to believe in Igbo president more than the Igbo people.

“Igbos are the development agents of Nigeria. We make Nigeria look more like a nation. We believe culturally in developing any part of the world we find ourselves in.

“We deserve to be given a chance and I am glad that our people in diaspora and from other tribes unanimously agree that an Igbo president is what Nigeria needs to take the next strides towards development,” he said.

Speaking, Senator Ben Obi enjoined major political parties to allot their presidential tickets to the South-East in 2023 for fairness and equity.

Obi noted that it was only once, 54 years ago, that an Igbo man ruled the nation.

He said,

“The last time Igbo ruled this nation was during the military regime 54 years ago; during Aguiyi Ironsi’s era, and it lasted for just 194 days.

“For this project of Igbo Presidency to be possible, certain variables must be put in place. All political parties, especially the ruling parties APC and PDP must zone their presidential ticket to the South-East.”

Credit: Punch Newz.

Source: Newzandar.com

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