#ENDSARS: Senate President Appeals To Youths To End Their Protest

Senate President Dr. Ahmad Lawan has appeal to protestants to finish their exhibitions as the legislature has just tuned in to their request and acknowledged their interest.

The administration needs to investigate and explore for the usage of the requests by the protestants so they need adequate chance to execute their requests.

According to Senate President, it has become critical “Since the issues [raised by the protesters] have been accepted [by the government] the time has come for the protests to stop, the government needs to have time to implement the demands of the protesters”.

He continued that when we try to stop everyone from going about their daily business, we distract the economy of the country.

He also pleaded to the protestants to end their demonstrations as the government has already listened to their demand and have started working with it.

Watch video below

Source: Newzandar.com

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