Young Boy Melts People’s Hearts By Giving Out His Snacks To Protesters For Free (+Photos)

A yet to be recognized little youngster moved Nigerians near tears after it was unveiled that he shared his peddling snacks to protesters for free.

In an offer to help the #EndSARS protest, the kid dismissed the cash protesters attempted to give him for reasons best known to him.

This was what he said after rejecting the money the gave him;

‘ẹ bawa ṣe kín lè lọ ile iwe’

After translating, this is what the boy meant;

‘Do it for us so that I can go to school’

The boy’s actions and words have moved Nigerians as one person identified as @gokenathaniel has planned to sponsor his education till SS3.

“Please does anyone know where this boy is or how to find him. While we’re fighting for millions like him, I’ll like to pay for his private school education till SS3. Please retweet. Help me locate him.”

See reactions below;



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