Best Winning Strategy For Online Casinos

You may gamble for fun or to make some extra cash on the side. Whatever, your reason for gambling, all punters are in search of that strategy that can lead to success. After all, gamblers are judged by their bankroll and this makes winning vitally important to those who are serious about this hobby – click to play Bezy.

Before slots went digital, many strategies involved a little manipulation of certain casino games. Obviously, table games are hard to manipulate and gamblers are watched closely to make sure no extra playing cards have been sneaked into the gambling arena.

However, when it comes to slots, inserting devices into them, or using magnets and releasing the levers unevenly, were strategies employed by punters to tamper with pre-digital slot machines. Since 1996 and the release of the first digital slot by WMS industries, strategies involving digital slots have had to take on a more honest approach.

The success of the first virtual slot called Reel Em, now means that most of the slots action has moved online and there are now hundreds of different slots to play. Some are jackpot slots, others are Megaways slots and this has just helped to muddy the strategic waters.

Not only are there far more slots and categories to choose from, these games are also now tamper proof. 

New Challenges For Punters

The online slot success story has brought with it some hurdles that punters have to negotiate and theses include the Random Number Generator, or RNG and the Return To Player percentage, or RTP.  Considering the secure but complex entities that digital slots have become, are there any winning strategies that have developed over time?

Random Spins 

The result of spins on the slots online is now totally random. But even if you choose to play Roulette or Bingo, an RNG, or Random Number Generator, is still behind the results. An RNG is a microchip that generates number sequences that are translated into results of spins of slots, wheels or chosen bingo numbers.

Strategies At Work

Despite the randomness of online casino game results, some strategies can be tried until you find a winning one. A good starting point is by spinning the slots with the highest RTP scores to test the payout percentage theory. This may often mean that your favourite games are neglected, especially if they have a low RTP and are high variance in nature. Using as many sign up bonus offers as possible can also help, as half the time you will only be using casino cash instead of your own money. If you are lucky to meet the wagering requirements that come with these bonuses, then you may be able to bank some decent amounts of cash. Other strategies include entering casino tournaments that offer generous cash prizes, setting up loss limits and banking anything and everything you win, to prevent you from losing it all back.


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