Bingo Lingo Guide: All You Need To Know Before You Start

Bingo Lingo is the term given to the unique phrases that have developed over time in the world of bingo. Bingo has the most unique language over any other form of gambling and the only other gambling game that runs bingo close, is horse racing. The bookies have their own language that they use to communicate with and a lot of this is numbers based just like in bingo.  All forms of gambling do actually develop a form of unique language over time but bingo terms have become more universally known – click over here.

The Origins Of Bingo 

Bingo was born from an Italian lottery game that was introduced to the country in 1530. It proved popular here and other European countries decided to take it on as well. However, when it got to France the French tweaked the format somewhat and it was here when it started to resemble modern day bingo, even more so than the original Italian game. 

By the 18th century this game that had been modified by the French was being played regularly in the UK. The game even made it over the pond to North America.  In American it was known as beano, but by pure accident, it was eventually renamed bingo here too. 

A Very British Invention 

Even though we have the French to thank for taking a lottery game and shaping it to the game we know and love today, the UK has proved a trailblazer when it comes to the invention of bingo lingo and most bingo lingo has actually originated from the United Kingdom. Some of it has its roots in working class culture whilst some of the newer terms have been coined by millenials. 

Bingo Lingo Terms 

Another major player in the development of bingo lingo is the move that bingo made in 1996, from land-based bingo halls to online virtual venues. Many bingo sites preserved the social element of bingo by allowing customers to interact with each other via social chatrooms. Here, players could get to know each other over the watchful eye of a chatroom host. Terms like 2 to go and WDW that basically means ‘well done winners’ were created here. These chatroom abbreviations now sit side by side with the likes of ‘two fat ladies’ and ‘dancing queen. 

Final Thoughts 

If you are new to bingo and more especially bingo chat rooms, then the terms used in them may well leave you confused. Some people use these abbreviations so frequently that you may need to ask for help to decipher what they are actually trying to say. The other terms used by bingo callers are far more established and universally understood. However, a new generation of bingo players are trying to change bingo lingo by bringing in Brexit , the Royals and non-offensive terms for other numbers. This is either a step forward or a step back, depending on whether you think society is becoming far too politically correct or not.

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