BBNaija Star, Seyi Awolowo Says Cultism Has Reduced Because Of “Yahoo Yahoo

As per Seyi Awolowo, the ex BBNaija housemate, the rate at which cultism was ruling in Nigeria has decreased radically and he is sure that the intense decrease in cultism is as the consequence of “Yahoo Yahoo” which in a real sense implies PC fraud.

He shared his thought about this theme during a meeting he had with GoldMyne TV.

The BBNaija related the subject to the time he was a college student. He attested that he was tormented by a cultist gathering yet in the end, cultism disintegrated into the slight air when “Yahoo Yahoo” extortion started.

In his statements, he said:

“I don’t stand for the yahoo-yahoo thing. But do you know that yahoo is the reason we don’t have really high amount of cultism?”

“And this is just my perspective ‘cause when I was in university, I was always harassed by cultists. But then the next thing, there was a flow of yahoo and they all just disappeared.

“People that used to slap and want to obtain would now rather give. It is something bad, so overtime we abused it.

“Leaders who are supposed to make us see bad in it are doing worse things, stealing more money, and getting away with it. So yahoo boys are like, ‘if he can steal and get away, why can’t I? And I’m not even stealing from Nigeria’.”

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