I never slept in the bed of any male housemate, Nnegi clears every doubt

BBNaija Nengi said she never slept in the bed of any male Housemates through out stay in the house

See her full statement:

“The housemates felt I needed each person and that is insane. How might I need each person and still not be with anyone in the house? I never rested on any man’s bed.

Indeed, even as close as me and Ozo was, I actually attempted to define a limit. I could play with individuals yet for me, there would consistently be limits and no one can cross them. Be that as it may, individuals misinterpreted it.

They felt since I played with the folks, I probably needed them. That was the greatest confusion individuals had about me. Truly, that was one reason I went for Big Brother in any case.

I needed to address the confusion that I was only a fine face. What’s more, I believe I rectified that idea.”

Source: Newzandar.com

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