Stop fighting Biafrans, you can’t defeat them because they have God by their side — Apostle Suleman warns Buhari

Popular clergyman, Apostle Johnson Suleiman has warned the federal government that even though the Indigenous People of Biafra might not have anyone in power to help them actualize their goal, they have God.

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He shared his opinion on his Instagram page.

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Suleman wondered why the FG plans to go after IPOB members whilst leaving Killer herdsmen to be killing innocent Nigerians all over the country.

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His post reads:

”You will go after IPOB?

Yet you cant go after killer herdsmen?

IPOB seeks to pull out of a part of Nigeria

Killer herdsmen destroys the whole Nigeria.

Who should be dealt with urgently?

Tread with caution sir.

They might have no one in power to speak for them, they have GOD.” he wrote

Biafra – Centapost

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