Powder Coating vs. Painting: Which Is Better for Your Manufacturing Needs? 2023 Guide

A more advanced technology introduced in the manufacturing process, powder coating is a more complex method than the conventional application of solvent paint; however, the results are much better. From better shine to wider application and durability, powder painting has become a common practice in manufacturing non-metal or metal items.

Conventional solvent painting methods are efficient, but they also result in a lot of waste and pollution. To eliminate such hassles, manufacturing companies have adopted the powder coating technique, which involves multiple steps but is worth it. By spraying powder into the surface and heating it to form a color, the texture and finishing achieved are unquestionable. Like many other cities in the US, powder coating las vegas services are exceptional and affordable.

What Is Powder Coating?

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Mostly used in metals, powder coating is an advanced method of painting the surface of metals or smooth non-metal surfaces. In this process, paint in the form of powder is directly sprayed on the surface and then, is cured with heat or ultraviolet light.

The results of powder coating are incredible; it offers a smooth finish, less wastage of paint, and no requirement of solvents to wet the paint. In other words, dry powder coating is a quicker and easier process. Other than eliminating wastage, powder coating also makes the paint more durable.

Which One Is Better: Powder Coating or Conventional Paint?

Both conventional painting and powder coating are readily available options for painting the surfaces of metals, but manufacturers often face this dilemma and cannot decide which one is better or more convenient. There is nothing wrong with the conventional painting process except that it involves a lot of hard work to be done manually. And, if the paint coats are applied by machines, there is a lot of paint wastage associated.

Similarly, powder coating might seem a little complex method for painting, but the results are praiseworthy. With no wastage of water or other solvents, dry paint can be sprayed onto the metal surface and heated to melt. Considering terms of affordability, convenience, and time consumption, dry powder coating is a more efficient process.

Another reason why dry powder coating is so popular among manufacturing industries is that it increases the durability of the paint coating. Since the electrostatic process involves heating in high temperatures, it makes the paint coat tougher.

There is one more significant point that cannot be overlooked, conventional paints have restricted ingredients; however, in powder coating, the option is varied. From nylon, epoxy, and acrylics to polyurethane, a lot of materials can be chosen for dry powder coating, depending on the surface.

5 Benefits of Powder Coating

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Since powder coating is a much more convenient process than conventional painting, you can expect the following benefits:

1. Varied Color Range

Convention paints do have a wide range of color options, but sometimes, blending them does not bring the desired results. In the process of dry powder coating, the color option is huge, and it is easier to match color throughout the surface. In conventional painting, the color may seem mismatched in a few places if there is an uneven distribution of paint layers or solvents.

2. Less Time Consuming

Conventional painting takes a lot of patience and time. Wet paint coats take a lot of time to settle and dry, and sometimes, the finishings are not just appropriate. On the other hand, dry-coat paints can be sprayed on small or bigger surfaces easily, and the electrostatic process followed after gives evenness. Dry coats take comparatively less time than conventional paints.

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It is undeniable that wet paints contain many harsh chemicals and must be mixed with chemical solvents to get a smoother texture. In that case, dry paint coats are much better because they do not require any chemicals to dissolve them. They are environment-friendly and cause the least wastage and pollution.

4. Cost-Effective

Purchasing wet paints along with the solvents in bulk is always costly. Sometimes, prices also vary depending on the colors you are choosing. But, that is not the case with dry powder paints; they are much cheaper and are required in lesser amounts.

5. More Flexibility than Paint

Conventional paints are applicable on limited surfaces, but dry powder paints offer more flexibility and can be applied on metallic as well as non-metallic surfaces.

Why Should You Choose Professional Powder Coating Surfaces?

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The process can seem a little complex for those with no prior understanding of how powder coating works and the desired finishings may seem hard to achieve. This is when professional services come to help. Industry-trained professional dry powder painters can provide quick solutions for low or high-volume production.

Professionals use high-quality thermoplastics, polyester, polyester-epoxy, polyurethane, or any common types of polymers to make dry powder paints. These materials can also be used in making acrylic or hybrid paints. The best part about seeking help from a professional is that only they can tell the best, which material is best suited for whichever surface you choose.

Another important reason why dry powder painting is the job of a professional is before spraying dry paints; the surface needs to be clear of oil, dirt, grease, or any other contaminants that can prevent a smooth finish. Professionals make sure to remove these contaminants fully before beginning the coating process.

Summing Up

When the world is switching to environmental-friendly ways of manufacturing, or at least trying to reduce their manufacturing waste by switching to sustainable raw materials, why should you switch to conventional paints? Studies have shown how harmful wet paints are to nature and how adversely factory wastes can affect land and water bodies.

To cut down on all this wastage and switch to a faster, cost-efficient process, your business must seek powder coating solutions. With minimal waste and almost no requirement for additional equipment other than the dry paint spray gun, powder coating proves to be the most convenient option for both small-scale and large-scale production houses.