24-year-old gets N1.3trn gift from rich parents



Tse Ping and Cheng Cheung Ling gifted their 24-year-old son, Eric Tse a share worth $3.5 billion, making him made one of the world’s billionaires overnight.

Eric Tse was born into one of China’s richest families, also a founder of Sino Biopharmaceutical Ltd, transferred around a fifth of their company’s share capital worth a whooping $3.8 billion.

Although Eric was born in Seattle in the US, he attended primary school in Beijing and secondary school in Hong Kong before graduating with a finance degree from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

Eric has, however, said that he will try to keep a low profile so as to discourage efforts by media organizations to put on global wealth rankings, adding that he would want the fortune ascribed to the Tse Ping family.

The company also named Tse the executive director and member of the Sino Biopharmaceutical’s executive board committee.


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