Many individuals interchangeably use the terms CSSGB and LSSGB. It might be because of a lack of in-depth knowledge regarding these certifications. Well, if you wish to gain a certification, a lot of questions might come to your mind.

Let’s get to know all the intrinsic aspects of these professional certifications – the duration, benefits, future prospects, career prospects, etc. It will also help you select between the 2 certifications, i.e., six sigma and lean six sigma.

What is Six Sigma?

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Six Sigma is defined as the set of tools and techniques that are used for the improvement of procedures in the company. Six sigma is a method that provides business tools in order to improve the capability of business procedures. This, in turn, helps in increasing the efficiency and performance of the business, thereby reducing costs. The company can yield profits after they have adopted the methods and techniques of Six Sigma.

What is Lean Six Sigma?

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Lean Six Sigma depends upon team effort in order to improve the performance of the company. This is done to remove waste and variation in the company. In this method, lean manufacturing is combined with lean enterprise in order to reduce costs and waste in the company. The main purpose of applying lean six sigma is to optimize quality control and eliminate variation.

Both Lean Six Sigma and Six Sigma are not different pathways having 3 stages of professional certification. Both CSSGB and LSSGB certification is the for green belt in six sigma and you can move up to the black belt. If a candidate has more than three years of certification, then he/ she can prepare for the Six Sigma Green Belt™ exam. If a candidate has worked on one or more projects, then he/ she is qualified to take the Six Sigma Black Belt™ Certification.

Let us now look at some key pointers which will help you decide between Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma certification.

CSSGB v/s LSSGB – Key Pointers

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1. Global Accreditation Equals Credibility

It is essential to note that IASSC and ASQ are the prevalent official bodies authorized to conduct the six sigma and lean six sigma training & give certification. However, you might find many other organizations that offer six sigma training and certification to candidates across the globe.

2. Choosing the Right Training Institute

Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma, both incorporate complex tools & methods to be learned. Candidates are expected to have the expertise & required knowledge in all the relevant concepts. There are certain aspects that need to be considered before selecting the certification institution. They are:

• Accreditation

Before selecting a certification institution, just see whether it’s accredited by IASSC or ASQ. This accreditation depends upon the certification you choose; Lean Six Sigma or Six Sigma. The training partner you choose will ensure that the concepts you are learning are up to the standards of the accreditation body or not.

• Delivery Mode

The training partner must have various delivery options regarding certification and training. Certification courses that offer instructor-led sessions, self-learning sessions, etc., provide you with the required flexibility that fits your needs.

• Duration

The duration of training must also be checked before selecting a training institute. There are some courses that are completed within two days while others are spread across weeks. Choose the duration that you are most comfortable with. Go with your pace of preparation and experience.

Whether you are choosing a Certified Six Sigma Certification or Lean Six Sigma Certification, make sure that you are choosing the training institute that fulfills these three criteria.

Now, the green belt is a certification level that includes certain techniques and methods to improve business processes. Now, there is a bit of a difference between the certified six sigma green belt certification and the lean six sigma green belt certification. So, let us have a look at them!

CSSGB v/s LSSGB Certification – Eligibility & Examination

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There is a slight difference between green belts of six sigma and lean six sigma. Have a look!

1. Certified Six Sigma Green Belt

• Eligibility:

A certified six sigma green belt is accredited by ASQ. ASQ requires candidates to have a minimum of 3 yrs of hands-on experience in two or more fields as mentioned by the Six Sigma Green Belt™ body of knowledge. It is advised to get trained in those areas thoroughly so that the candidate is able to work effectively in the organization.

• Examination:

The examination for the certified six sigma green belt consists of 100 multiple-choice questions. The exam has to be completed within 4 hours.

• Recertification:

A Certified Six Sigma Green Belt is valid for a lifetime. There is no recertification. Candidates do not have to take any retests. Once a candidate gets a certificate, it’s valid forever.

2. Lean Six Sigma Green Belt

• Eligibility:

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification is accredited by IASSC. IASSC does not lay down any prerequisites in order to sit the examination. A 12th pass out can directly apply for the certification even if he/ she doesn’t have any expertise in any field.

• Examination:

The duration for the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt examination is three hours. Candidates are provided with 100 multiple-choice questions along with true and false questions. A minimum score of 385 is important out of 500 points in order to qualify for the examination and gain the certification.

• Recertification:

Just like there are no prerequisites for taking the Lean Six Sigma Exam, the same is the case with recertification. Once you have filled out the form, you have one year to gain the certification.

There is no case of recertification.

So, these are the three criteria depending on which the candidates must decide which is the best certification to take. Once a candidate decides on the certification, then he/ she has to select an institute to gain the certification.


There are numerous coaching institutes that provide Lean six sigma green belt certification training. In these courses, the candidates will learn to master the six sigma principles in order to improve the quality of the company’s products and services. Candidates will also learn the ways to eliminate waste and reduce costs, thereby being an asset to the company. By learning to use, implement, perform, and understand six sigma, a candidate will experience exponential growth in both personal and professional life.

Upskilling is very important, and this is possible through enrolling in the six sigma green belt certification course. So, what are you waiting for? Apply to the LSSGB Certification and six sigma green belt courses and create a successful career for yourself with high-paid jobs and top positions in companies across the globe!


What is CSSGB Certification?

The Certified Six Sigma Green Belt is a method that aims at improving the business processes across every industry. It aims at increasing the efficiency of the business by lowering costs and eliminating waste.

Which Six Sigma is the most recognized in the USA?

The ASQ certification exam is most recognized in the US. The Lean Six Sigma & Six Sigma Certification courses are conducted by it.

Is Lean Six Sigma and Certified Six Sigma the same?

No, there is a slight difference between the two in terms of examination and eligibility. Apart from these two, both certifications are almost the same. They have the same purpose – to make the business process better to achieve higher results.

Is Six Sigma certification worth it?

Of course, it is! Six Sigma is a very popular certification that can boost the career of an individual. It helps in providing jobs to people in top companies with high salaries. Six Sigma is used by numerous companies and recruiters look for Six Sigma-certified individuals who can help in the company’s growth. So, yes, it’s great to do a six sigma certification course.