Mamba Sports Academy removes ‘Mamba’ from name to ‘honour’ Kobe Bryant



The Mamba Sports Academy has left people confused following announcement that it will honor Kobe Bryant’s memory by removing the word “Mamba” from its name forever.

Kobe Bryant partnered up with The Sports Academy in 2018, which led to the Academy being called “Mamba Sports Academy.”

Kobe was very involved with the Academy and was actually on his way there on January 26 when his helicopter crashed, killing him, his 13-year-old daughter and 7 others.

Now, Sports Academy founder and CEO Chad Faulkner says the company will make significant changes as a tribute to the NBA legend, including removing Kobe’s nickname, Mamba, from the Academy’s name.

Faulkner said in a statement:

“Today, with respect for an unparalleled legacy, the Academy will retire the ‘Mamba’ in the Mamba Sports Academy name — to raise it to the rafters, where it belongs,”

However, fans are confused on how removing Mamba from the name means honoring him.


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