Craziest Casino Stories in History

Casinos have been riddled with tragic stories resulting in people’s lives getting ruined. The gambling industry has been stereotyped because of this.

There are also winners in gambling. Also, betting is a game of chance. Gamblers need a bit of a blessing from Lady Luck.

So while there are losers, there are winners as well. In some cases, some wins are impossible to believe unless they are witnessed by many.

Here are some of the best gambling stories that inspired people to try their luck in casinos.

In Color Black, I Trust


Jack Cody, a professional casino player, had an unbelievable story to share. Back in 2018, he was among the contestants in the UK Poker Championships.

He did win the tournament, receiving a trophy and £42,670. However, Cody wanted to push his luck even further.

What he did surprised everyone at the casino that night. Instead of saving some of his hard-fought money, he bet it all (including his trophy) in roulette.

But the gods were smiling upon Cody. Because once the wheel stopped spinning, the ball landed at the place where his money and award sit—on black.

So instead of going home with £42,670, his money doubled. He now had £85,340 and the people loved it.

Talk about luck!

We all Need a Push…Not Always

Florida gambler Jan Flato may not be willing to have his slot lever pulled by anyone after experiencing one of the biggest upsets he may have ever experienced.

Flato supposedly landed the jackpot of $100,000. However, it was not he who pushed the lever.

Apparently, he allowed a woman sitting beside him to push the lever. So when the slot gave out the big prize, Flato did not receive a single cent even though he was the one that placed the bet.

That’s a Sin, Pastor


We all know that gambling can be addictive. Anyone who enters the casino will either lose some or win some. But in the case of a pastor, he lost his money and his flock.

Pastor Gregory Bolusan of Grace Bible Church in Las Vegas was charged with burglary, attempted robbery, and robbery after robbing the Penn National Gaming’s M Resort casino three times.

In his first attempt, Bolusan was unsuccessful. However, he tried again after a few months and got off with almost $30,000.

But the pastor might be pushing his luck too hard. He tried to rob the same casino for the third time, and the casino’s security staff welcomed him.

What a Lucky Grandma!


Patricia Demauro is the luckiest grandma, for she broke a 20-year record unwillingly! The record, which Stanley Fujitake previously held, was 118 times and went on for three hours. However, Demauro beat it by rolling the dice for four hours straight, for a total of 154 times.

Not only that, but she did it with only a bankroll of $100!


Gamblers always need luck when playing in casinos. Again, it is a game of chance. So there are instances where players can be extremely lucky or unlucky.

There are no casinos where all gamblers go home as winners. Even on online gambling platforms like OKBET, there are winners and losers. This is why it is better to be a responsible gambler rather than an impulsive one.