What Are The Most Popular Online Slots Themes

There are a large number of game developers serving the online casino market, and that number continues to expand daily.

While every programmer introduces their own unique take on the future, they all share a penchant for building on tried-and-true ideas. This is because most serious gamers gravitate toward well-known game themes. Fortunately for avid gamers, there are more available themes than developers to create them.

Still, there are always game developers working on something fresh. It is always important to remember that while slot games are incredibly popular in online casinos, not all slot machine themes are created equal.

Here are some of the most popular slot themes you can expect to find online after typing in your Grande Vegas casino login.

1. Fruit slots

Source: endorphina.com

Slot machines are sometimes known as fruit machines.

Fruits like berries, lemons, and cherries used to be included in early slot machines. These slot machines have maintained their popularity to this day. The fruit signs originated in the early 20th century in the United States, when victors were awarded gum instead of cash.

For instance, if you drew three lemons in a row, you’d be rewarded with lemon-flavored gum.

For nostalgic reasons, dedicated gamblers keep returning to play them online. After a long week, nothing beats kicking back with a game online on one of those entertaining fruit-themed slot machines.

2. Oriental slots

Source: endorphina.com

When considering the more whimsical side of slot machine themes, the Oriental motif takes up considerable real estate.

While not for everyone, the mysticism and good fortune associated with Chinese-themed slots make them popular among lovers of Oriental-themed games. Chi, one of the more popular slots with a Chinese theme and a story about two benevolent spirits named Chi and Mow, is highly regarded by gamers and critics alike.

Aristocrat’s 50 Dragons slot machine, another Oriental-themed game, has been a huge hit with online slot gamers ever since it was made available.

Slot machines based on Japanese anime, such as Koi Princess, are another rapidly growing subgenre of Oriental-themed games. Beautiful animations and a fitting soundtrack are just two of the numerous things that set themed slots apart and keep players coming back for more.

3. Movie slots

Slot machines with movie themes have been popular for decades, and that trend shows no signs of stopping. Different aspects from the movies, dialogue, and music are incorporated into themed online slots.

In other cases, the slots even go so far as to broadcast clips from the movies in question. Jumanji and The Hulk are just two of the many movies that have inspired online slot machines.

4. Music slots

Source: thatericalper.com

Given the ubiquitous nature of music in modern life, it is no surprise that some slot machines are based on well-known musical acts. Perhaps the most amazing thing about these slot machines is the music that plays in the background while you play.

Like the music icons of the 1960s, some of the jackpots, like on the Jimi Hendrix slot machine, are as huge as the tunes they’re based on. Turn up the volume, or use headphones if you’re out in public, and spin to the sounds of Jimi Hendrix.

5. Egyptian slots

Source: artstation.com

Slot machines in both brick-and-mortar and virtual casinos are just as likely to have an Egyptian theme as any other. There’s no denying that Egyptian mythology and history intrigue modern audiences. In the 20th century, when slot machines first became popular, this culture was universally celebrated.

Another great influence, Hollywood, has produced a plethora of films based on Egyptian mythology, from Biblical pictures to mummy horror flicks.

Slot games have long been influenced by the mystique of ancient civilizations, represented by symbols like pyramids and mummies. Gold, a central symbol in this culture, is also frequently utilized to advertise slot winnings as a status symbol.

6. Adventure slots

Adventure-themed online slot machines are rather popular. The setting of an adventure slot game might range from a gold mine to a tropical rainforest. These slot machines live up to their namesake since they transport players to different worlds with their visuals, sounds, and bonus rounds.

Some slot makers, like Play’n Go, take you on multiple excursions with the same adventure heroes throughout multiple games. Play slots like Cat Wilde and the Doom of the Dead to accompany Rich and Cat on their global adventures.

You never know where an adventure slot machine will take you: back in time, into the future, or to an entirely made-up universe!

7. Space and alien slots

Source: apkpure.com

The alien and space-themed slot machines allow you to take a trip to the stars whenever you like, all thanks to the innovative game designers. Players are drawn to this genre because of the allure of exploration and the desire to learn the secrets of the cosmos.

If you’re in the mood for a visually stunning intergalactic adventure, look no further than Aliens, NetEnt’s crown jewel. In the visually spectacular cluster pay slot Astro Legends, you’ll be assisting the shapeshifting Lyra in her battle against the intergalactic monster Erion.

Playtech’s Space Invaders is a throwback to the arcade classic that allows you to fend against alien invaders while trying to win big.


These are a few examples of the many slot machines available on online gambling sites. If you enjoy online gambling, give these slot machines a try the next time you play.