3 Years After Flavour Adopted A Blind Boy, Check Out his New Photos

Popular Nigerian artiste, Flavour, three years ago, showed love for a young blind boy called Semah G. Flavour adopted the young to be fathered by him.

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Flavour met the young blind boy at an event where he was billed to perform. The young blind librarian boy sang at the event and got the attention of Flavour. The singer adopted the young boy and has since taken the responsibility of being his father.

From 2017 to 2020, Flavor has done a tremendous change change in Semah G’s life. The two, father and son have been spotted much time rehearsing a song together. Semah G dream of becoming a veteran musician.

From the images below, it could deduce that the singer has even travel with Semah G to foreign countries. He also appears to have been featured in a song’s video. Flavour adopted little Semah amid criticisms that he snubbed all the blind boys in Nigerian for a Liberian boy.

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