7 Years After He Quit Acting, Emeka Ike Finally Explains The Reason For His Actions

Ace Nollywood actor, Emeka Ike, has finally provided the reason why he quit the acting game prematurely at a time his career was flourishing.

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He was responding to an outcry by Gideon Okeke over concerns that he wants to quit Nollywood because of the poor working conditions he is subjected to.

Many beautiful movie collections were back in the day enjoyed by Nollywood movie lovers because actors like Emeka Ike were in the casts.

Emeka Ike

According to him, he was the highest-paid actor at that time hence he decided to do something about the injustice but his own colleagues sold him out saying he’s arrogant and calling him all sorts of names.

Writing at length about something he had always wanted to burst out, Emeka Ike pointed out that most of the popular faces we see on screens today were made possible by his struggles in the past.

He added that it is the main reason why most of them hate him in the industry tarnishing his image which he knows Gideon might have heard a lot of false news about him because of this same issue.

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