Actress Doris Ogala Accuses Uche Elendu Of Lying That Her Store Was Looted

Nigerian actress, Doris Ogala has accused her fellow actress Uche Elendu for lying that her store was plundered, following the mayhem from hooligans who highjacked the #EndSARS protest in Lagos.

It should be recalled that, Uche Elendu, recently took to her online media page to shout out, asserting that her business place was looted dry by hooligans.

Not too long ago after she made that post, her colleague and one time companion, has now come out to charge that the store doesn’t belong to Uche, and she’s just attempting to exploit the circumstance.

In her wwords,

“Thank your stars say someone I know told me to pull it. @Ucheelendu I give you 1 minute to edit your post and out the rightful owners of that shop. Or I’ll post it to expose it.

This is not nice, I know the owners of those shops. This is pure deceit. People should stop taking advantage of the situation. Ah ah. We lost a lot of people. Kindly mention the shop owners if not I will repost and expose it.”

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