Actress Rosaline Meurer Awards And Achievements

Gambian-born Nigerian actress and producer, Rosaline Meurer, popularly known as Rosy, was born on the 15th of February 1992.

She is known for casting in movies like merry men in 2018 .she is currently 28 years of age and the firstborn of three siblings.

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In 2019 she started her career as an actress where she played in small roles in movies like Spellbound, weekend getaway, and in the cupboard. She later joined a TV series entitled Oasis where she starred in a lead role. In 2017, she starred as the main character in the movie; our dirty secret.

She later went ahead to produce her own movie the therapist’s therapy. In 2017, she was awarded the special recognition award, she also won an award for next rated actress in 2016.she was also nominated as the most promising actress of the year. Her acting prowess has made her the choice of most movie lovers and producers alike. There is no doubt she is going to be an A-lister soon.

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