Alexx Ekubo Mocks AY Comedian With An Arabian Woman in Dubai; AY Comedian’s Reply Is So Funny

The friendship between AY Comedian and Alexx Ekubo can be described as an on and off one when you look at how the two behave towards each other on social media.

Alexx Ekubo shared a picture of himself with a woman who had dressed like a practising Muslim close to a Dubai flag.

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It appears both friends were interested in this lady but Alexx Ekubo has come out successfully with this woman and was shading AY Comedian with his trophy of this Arab woman.

Alex Ekubo after sharing this photo captioned it, “A world without borders Post your current location flag”
His competing friend on this woman, AY Comedian reacted, “I am not bothered”

The two are well known for teasing and joking among themselves on social media. It is quite interesting on how these two gentlemen have chosen to go on holiday in Dubai at the same when you look at the petty fights’ and jokes that occur between them often.

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