All The Times Ini Edo Proved That Blue Is Her Favourite Colour (PHOTOS)

Nigerian celebrated screen goddess, Ini Edo, is one of the Nollywood actresses whose physique and unique stylish has earned her a household name.

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The beautiful actress public appearance has always been praised leaving no room for negative criticisms. Her combination of colours and selection ranging from shoes, watches and bags has won her many accolades from her followers.

Despite appearing excellent in any colour of dressing, Ini Edo has proved that Blue is her favourite colour. Many times, the Nollywood has been spotted wearing a blue dress or shoe.  Most of her blue dress has also been jeans which further proves that she likes the colour blue jeans.

Whether in blue jean trouser, skirt or an overall dress, she makes fashion look simple. Sometimes even when she wears a different colour, she prefers to add blue to it.  We take a look at some of the unique dressing she has made while wearing blue.

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