Bobrisky Sends A Strongly-Worded Message to All His Attackers on Social Media  

Things are sinking in on Bobrisky when he casts his mind back at the sort of attacks he gets in his chosen crossdressing career.

Taking to social media, he posted a nice picture of himself wearing a multicoloured dress with vibrant colours in red, yellow and black. He looked better than a lot of women in this nice photo.

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His caption is however what got people thinking that he knows about the fact that a lot of people don’t buy into his cross-dressing career.

He wrote, “I don’t care who talks about me cus when I come around nothing is said to me.”

It is easier said than done if he claims he is unbothered by what people say about him. If he didn’t why has he taken to Instagram to post this?

The sort of attacks that he used to get some months ago has gone down as people continue to buy into his acting career as a crossdresser.

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