Weird and Wonderful Celebrity Hobbies

We oftentimes need to remind ourselves that celebrities are humans – just like us. And while we keep this information tucked somewhere in the back of our minds, we still get very surprised when celebrities choose to share some interesting tidbits about themselves.

That’s why we’ve created a list of some of the weirdest and most wonderful hobbies of our favorite celebrities.

George Clooney

George Clooney is undoubtedly one of the most famous actors in the world. Starring in numerous movies, fans got to see some of his most memorable performances in the Ocean’s movie trilogy – and for a good reason! Namely,

Clooney played his part so great because he is actually known as a celebrity world casino gambler. Clooney can often be seen in some of the world’s most prestigious casinos across the world. On top of that, Clooney even began building his own casino in Las Vegas! We wonder if he’s going to be successful with his efforts and if his casino will be listed among the best new online casinos. Click here to see the best new online casinos.


Johnny Depp

When talking about Johnny Depp, we really thought nothing could surprise us. But this masterful performer managed to prove us wrong once again. Did you know that Depp enjoys collecting and playing with Barbie dolls?

Yep, neither did we. Depp states that his passion for Barbies is real and that he often uses them to “get into character” when preparing for a new movie. Aside from numerous doll versions of his own characters, Depp’s collection also features Barbie versions of High School Musical characters, as well as other celebrities such as Marilyn Monroe, Beyoncé and even Paris Hilton. According to Depp, these dolls are so much more than simple collectables – he also uses them to play with his kids, which is just precious.

Beyoncé Knowles

Beyoncé Knowles, oftentimes referred to as Queen Bey (pronounced “bee”), made her fans’ jaws drop when she decided to share her favorite pastime activity – making honey! According to Knowles, she is aware of the fact that this hobby is quite an unconventional one. But with two beehives and more than 80,000 bees, Knowles manages to produce hundreds of jars of honey a year. This is a great example of hobbies that combine both nice and practical, and it makes it much clearer why Knowles was more than happy to embrace her nickname.


Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt looks like someone who’s favorite thing to do would be watching sports, playing around with motorcycles or collecting cars. But you’d be surprised to hear that his favorite hobby is actually making pottery! Who would’ve guessed? Pitt states that he developed a true passion for this hobby after filming “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”.

What’s even more interesting is that Pitt is not really creating his artwork in solitude. Instead, he’s often joined by Leonardo DiCaprio, spending hours in Pitt’s private sculpting studio. Another thing Pitt enjoys doing is knitting, but – at this point – nothing can really surprise us.

Paris Hilton

We know what you’re about to say. Paris Hilton probably enjoys collecting Balenciagas, Berks and expensive cars.

But no, that’s not really something she’s passionate about as much as she is passionate about hunting frogs! Yep, you red that right. This heiress and socialite really enjoys spending time in nature hunting frogs and other reptiles. But before any animal activist out there starts yelling, Hilton claims that her hunting methods are entirely humane and that every single frog or reptile gets released back into the wild.


Mike Tyson

Aside from dominating his opponents in the boxing ring, Tyson also has a softer side. He is actually a very practiced and skillful pigeon racer. Tyson is a regular at the pigeon pageant in Ontario, California. Tyson states that he is willing to do all it takes and devote all the time in this world to making sure that his pigeons are bred and trained to be the best possible racers they can be. Tyson had a very touching, although somewhat cryptic message to younger generations, saying: “Take this opportunity at a young age to enhance your responsibility and enjoy it.”

Katy Perry

A celebrity that just can’t seem to stop playing with her hair, Katy Perry, graced us with some of the most amazing and memorable red-carpet looks of all times. But what we really didn’t have to learn about her is that her own hair simply isn’t enough for Perry. Namely, during a fan Q&A Perry stated that one of her favorite hobbies involves collecting other celebrities’ hair. What’s more, she even admitted to carrying Taylor Swift’s and Miley Cyrus’ locks in her bag at some point. Creepy, but also quirky, just like Perry.


Taylor Swift

Some people may find this one a bit redundant, especially all the Swifties out there who seem to know more about the singer than she herself does. But for the rest of us that don’t live and breathe Taylor Swift, it’s fun to learn that this popular country music singer enjoys collecting snow globes. Compared to some of the previously-mentioned hobbies, this one seems quite tame. And not only does Swift enjoy collecting the globes, but she actually loves making them herself, especially for her friends and family.

Mila Kunis

That ‘70s star, Mila Kunis, is well-known for her passion for video games. This hard-core, diehard gamer always enjoyed spending her time exploring various games and titles. Lately, she’s been reported stating that her new passion actually lies in World of Warcraft! Naturally, as every other WoW fan out there, Kunis is the happiest when she gets the opportunity to spend hours at a time in this epic fantasy game. Needless to say, this already-hot actress probably just became even hotter, especially to all the gamers and WoW lovers out there.

So, what do you think about some of the hobbies of these celebrities? Did you already know about some of them? And which ones ended up surprising you the most?

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