Criselda Kanada, Ray C And Other African Celebrities Living With HIV/AIDS

HIV/AIDS was once regarded as the most dangerous disease before Ebola and Coronavirus came into being. HIV/AIDS patients have been able to live longer than expected.

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Countries spend millions of dollars to create HIV/AIDS and preach against stigmatization. The patients are human just like HIV/AIDS free people. Gone were the days where the patients hide or fail to disclose their status to the public but with the awareness and government support to patients, some have been able to inform the public about heir status.

Today, we take a look at five of the celebrities who are alive and living with the virus.

Criselda Kanada – South Africa

The South African TV personality has been living with the virus for close to two decades. She recently disclosed that the virus in her body are having a live concert. She has also disclosed on her social media handle that among all the years she has been living with HIV/AIDS this year has been the hardest for her.

Joyce Dzidzor – Ghana

The former Ghana HIV/AIDS ambassador and actress revealed in an interview with DSTV’s Africa Magic that she contracted the virus through a church member. She said she has been living with the virus for 7 years. The actress further stated that despite all the stigma she is still just living a normal life.

Adebisi Alimi – Nigeria

The Nigerian gay activist admitted that upon his disclosure of his HIV status, he has lost a lot of Nollywood film roles. H said he has been living a normal life because life must still go on.

Hanks Anuku – Nigeria

It is alleged the famous Nigerian actor also has the virus but unlike the others he still a red-hot actor in the movie industry.

Ray C – Tanzania

The Tanzania singer revealed her status on her Twitter handle and stated that she chose to disclose that because she wants victims to come for test and live long.

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