Desmond Elliot Breaks Down In Tears Following Backlash From Nigerians (+Video)

Lagos lawmaker and actor, Desmond Elliot has busted in tears after he was hauled to foulness by Nigerians over his remark on social media regulation.

During a visit tonight with Arise TV, the entertainer was loaded up with feelings as he disclosed what prompted his discourse on social media regulation.

He said;

“Let’s start from 20th when it happened. On the 20th of October, I was devastated. I stayed all night awake and I got to DJ Switch’s Instagram live, but I started getting death threats so I logged out.

They were like ohh so you have sent army to kill us. And I’m like, Oh my God. The thing is changing. It’s not about that. So when I got to plenary, it was the whole emotions that went through. And I saw people Killing people, I saw people running away with things and there was just a whole lot going on…….”

Watch the video below;

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