DJ Cuppy Searches For Boyfriend? Asa Sika’s Ex-Girlfriend Lists Qualities She Wants In A Man

Despite having all the success she has chalked in her young life as a young woman and the superior backing of her father, Femi Otedola’s billions one would have thought a sea of men would be wooing DJ Cuppy’s hand in relationships but that is not the case.

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Having mentioned days ago that she is in major to blame for ruining her relationship with Davido’s former manager, Asa Sika, DJ Cuppy who appears to be battling with her age and while being single with no man to call her own has itemised the details in a man that she is looking for online.

This is her list:

1. If you’re the jealous type, we’re not the one for you!

2. You don’t have to be at every gig

3. If you’re not in the business, stay out of the business side of things.

4. Don’t stand in plain sight of us working & mean mug everyone that comes to us

5. If the gig ends at 12, don’t start calling at 12:05 asking when we’re coming home.

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