DJ Switch is fraud, Needs to be tried and prosecuted, Nigerian journalist insists

DJ Switch’s heroism after she transmitted the infamous Lekki toll gate shooting incident via her Instagram Live, has been claimed by state officials and a section of Nigerians to have been concocted and never represented what truly transpired on the ground.

One popular Nigerian journalist, Gbolahan Macjob who also claims DJ Switch’s video was manipulated, has called for her prosecution for allegedly throwing dust into the eyes of the masses.

In a Facebook post he wrote;

DJ Switch is a fraud and her lies has caused a lot of destruction. She must be tried and prosecuted once the facts come out in the open. And let me assure you, she will not get asylum, regardless of her CNN interview.

Nobody likes being manipulated or used. The intel is out there and her game will be up soon. You guys realise there’s something called satellite imagery bah? And you’ve heard of BBC Africa Eye have you not? Okay we shall soon see how the dead bodies of the massacre were removed and why their family members are yet to come to demand their whereabouts. Lies kill more than guns.”

Whiles the Lagos state government has come out to claim, only one person has been confirmed dead, DJ Switch revealed that, about 15 people died.

She added that, the only thing she regrets now was that, she and others carried the bodies and dumped them at the feet of the soldiers, who carried them away and due to that, they had no evidence to show.

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