“Don’t Come Here To Preach” – Bobrisky Warns Fans After Showing Part Of His Private Parts

Lately, Bobrisky has become a little concerned about how he gets trolled online when he posts.

Knowing people will blast him because of the fact that his new photos on Instagram are too exposing. He wore a bikini that left the major part of his backside in the full glare of public view.

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He acknowledged how great he looked. In a photo which he knew will arouse backlash from his fans, he forewarned anyone who doesn’t like this photo to leave his page outright. Bobrisky added if anyone has anything to preach they should take their preaching to their families because they need that the most.

Here is what he said, “Fu.ck!!!! that body is banging…. if you don’t like wat you are seeing pls unfollow. I’m not stopping anytime soon. Na me fit una. Many of you we don’t know do worst 🙄. So don’t come here to preach. Ur family need more of that preaching…. I SAID WAT I SAID. Enjoy d view and drink enough water to mind ur business”


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