Few Minutes After Rudeboy Posted His Boutique, Mr. P’s Counter Post Got Netizens Reaction

The ’separated twins’ Paul Okoye and Peter Okoye, both with the ’Apostles name’ continue their beef from a distance. The twins have been advised to smoke the peace pipe but it seems it never going to happen.

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It appears the duo from the defunct group P-Square now turned Rudeboy and Mr. P have made up their minds never to patch up. They now fight showcasing their private business.

Apart from their music career, Rudeboy and Mr P have owned private businesses. Rudeboy recently opened his new boutique which is opened to all but located at Abuja in Nigeria. Mr. P also manages his Zoom live bet.

Rudeboy took to his Twitter page to announce the opening of his new boutique and shared images of the interior and all the stuffs he had in stock. Within the same hour, Mr. P also took to his Twitter page to share images of his mansion and his feet of cars on his compound.

Images below

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