How Ned Nwoko And His Wives Keep Themselves Healthy Is An Inspiration

Undoubtedly when it comes to social media the most talked about family in the country now is Ned Nwoko’s family.

His marriage to Regina Daniels and her obsession for social media updates and dramatic posts has made her millions follow the tiniest bit of update about their family.

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One of the families that take exercises seriously is Ned Nwoko’s family. He is particularly interested in the health benefits that one can gain from keeping themselves fit at all times through exercises or other sporting activities. Ned Nwoko is truly a wise family man. He believes in the popular saying that goes that, ‘your health is your wealth’.

Found on his mansion are several exercising equipment’s and other sports enabling activities that he has built on his compound which are all meant to keep him and his family healthy.

He has a fully airconditioned gym where his wife, Laila Charani and kids have been spotted working out in.

He has also built a standard tennis court and a swimming pool where his family use often to keep themselves fit

Regina Daniels

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