“If You A Prayerful & Super Religious Nigerian & Who Fear Juju, You Are Making Mockery Of God” – Etinosa Idemudia Declares

Popular Nigerian actress, Etinosa Idemudia, has taken to social media to express her opinion about religious people just a year after she was in the news for using the Bible to smoke weed.

According to the screen goddess, she believes that prayerful and super religious Nigerians who fear “juju” so much are making a mockery of God.

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She continued by stating that it is “shameful” to declare that you have faith in God yet fear charms.

Her post reads;

“Why do Nigerians, prayerful and super religious and spiritual, fear juju so much?
They make a whole mockery of the power of God. Almost as if they don’t believe it exists and they have the power by virtue of their salvation and faith. Shameful.
Do your incessant prayers really mean anything to you or you just doing it as per at all at all??
Lord let your will be done in my life forever 🙏🏽”

See her post below:

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