I’m ready for marriage – Actress Shirley Igwe

In a recent interview, the Imo State-born screen diva says,

“There has been news circulating that I’m married.

I heard the news, but I ignored it.

But then I’m still hearing it, ‘I thought you’re married’,

‘I heard you are married’,

Dem talk say you don marry’; you know, many talks about being hooked.

I just have to clear the air.

That could be them wishing I was married, but then I am not, not yet.

I didn’t suffer any recent heartbreak.

No, nothing like that. I just want to say that I am still as single as ever.

So, I hope it sinks.

I’m not in any relationship at the moment.

About being selective, I’m not really sure about that.”

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Asked her choice of a man; rich, handsome, dark, or classy guy, Shirley Igwe says,

“Oh yeah, maybe I’m selective (laughs).

I want a man that would worship God with me.

You must know how to make money or have made money and know-how to multiply money.

Also, you must be a good person and be good looking.

Love, sex, and money are all important in a woman’s life, and men inclusive.

So, I don’t think we should compare them.

Love gives you a reason to live; love begets sex and money is needed to live.

But money has an upper hand in a relationship.

With money, you can experience a good life together, and build stronger bonds.”

The Thespian also has advice for all the heartbroken ladies out there.

Hear her:

“It’s only a heartbroken woman that can console herself because she’s the one

that knows exactly what she went through and how best to heal.

But the advice I can give is for her to find love in God; everything else will follow.”

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