Instagram Blogger Reveals Why Desmond Elliot Apologized To Nigerian Youth

A Popular Instagram blogger has uncovered why Desmond Elliot, apologized to Nigerian youth, following his web-based media guideline Saga.

Review that, Desmond, a Nigerian actor, presently turned legislator was in the news for concealing Nigerians over abuse of Social media stages in Nigeria.

His remarks about there being no Nigeria in some years to come got Nigerians angry as celebrities and other social media users trolled him and called him Desmond idiot.

The blogger has started discussions as he has unveiled to his followers why he was sorry and agree to the use of online media.

As per him, Desmond apologized in light of the fact that his alleged baby mama Halima was dragged on social media over her boy lover’s doing.

Halima in the blogger’s DM mentioned that he brings down the post he shared on her mystery relationship.

Later their visit got spilled and caused her delaying online media.

The blogger thus credited Desmond’s motivations to apologize to the concealing of his child mom Halima.

See screenshot below:

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