Lady Incurs The Wrath Of Netizens For Saying She Can’t Date A Man Without A Mansion

Women nowadays go into relationships with different motives and play games that they assured of winning, there no loss for them.

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This lady by the name of Vivian Rora on Twitter is at the mercy of tweeps for boldly coming out to state her preference for a man.

According to her, she can not and will never date or marry a man who doesn’t have a mansion.

To even worsen her matter, she gave where the mansion should be located, she said the house must be in Lekki or Banana Island, an artificial island in Nigeria. She said she’s too big to settle for less.

She tweeted “I can’t Date or Marry a man that does not have a mansion in Lekki or Banana Island. I am too classy to settle for less.”

After making such a statement, tweeps who belong to the “zoomnation”, zoomed every part of her body with damaging remarks about someone who wants luxurious treats.


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