“Many Fine Girls Have Smelling ‘Kpekus’” – Blessing Okoro On Private Parts Education (VIDEO)

Blessing Okoro Nkiruka has taken it strongly to the doorsteps of women who don’t keep simple personal hygiene.

She was unhappy with how some women are unable to keep their private parts neat despite dressing so nice when it comes to their appearance outside.

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She mentioned that a lot of the beautiful women we see on the streets have smelly ‘kpekus’. All because they don’t either bathe themselves well or they don’t clean themselves well in their private parts.

She didn’t just complain and leave it for the ladies to wonder what she meant. She also showed them how to keep their private parts very neat in order to avoid odour and bad infections over there. She said it all in this short video.

“Many beautiful girls have body odour, why??? How to wash your private part. Many women just wash the surface of their private part they don’t wash inside … let me teach u.”

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