Meet Benedicta Oyewo, The Late Wife Of Kola Oyewo

Benedicta Oyewo is the name of Kola Oyewo’s late wife. She was born on May 1 and passed away on October 1l,2020  at the age of 53.

During her lifetime, she worked at the Obafemi Awolowo University alongside her husband.

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In an exclusive interview with Kola Oyewo captured by, he said his wife was a great disciplinarian who helped in the nurturing of their five sons. Oyewo said that Benedicta loved him so much, even in times that he was not financially stable. As a result, both of them had to take to farming to be able to feed their children.

Mr. Oyewo had vowed never to marry another woman even before his wife’s tragic death. This according to him is a result of the deeply rooted faith he has in Catholicism and its practices. Although she is dead, her memory lives everlasting in the mind of her husband. Most importantly, their love story was an indication sometimes celebrity weddings do work.

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