“My Heart Bleeds” – President Buhari’s Daughter, Zahra, Reacts To The Killing Of Farmers In Borno State By Boko Haram

President Buhari’s daughter Zahra Buhari has expressed her displeasure in the actions of the Boko Haram in killing some Nigerian Citizens.

The Boko Haram gang have started killing their enemies following the arrest of the insurgents.

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Unfortunately, the villagers in the Northern part of Nigeria have been attacked with some murdered and others injured.

Some victims recounted how their wards were slaughtered in their presence but could do nothing to save them.

There has been recent news about the 43 farmers who were murdered in Borno State.

Zahra in reaction to the news indicated that her heart is bleeding.

This shows how heartbreaking she feels after the news surfaced online.

Nigerians have risen against the actions of the Boko Haram as their violence in Nigeria keeps rising.

All the deceased were given a mass burial in the presence of Muslim people in the community.

She shared the article with the words:

“My heart bleeds”

See screenshot below:

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