Nazo Ekezie’s Latest Photos Hit The Internet A Year After She Revealed She Doesn’t Wear Undies

Nazo Ekezie was all over the news some few months ago when she revealed she stopped wearing undies long time ago.

With the love, people have for weird or strange things and that coming from an actress especially, she became popular overnight with this unpopular disclosure.

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She was forced to make these revelations after the stealing of female undies became so rampant at that time. She claimed nobody could steal her undies because already she doesn’t wear any so anyone who has targeted her on that will have an exercise in futility.

Since that time, Nazo Ekezie is doing great in her career. Here are her latest photos.

A few days ago she was in the news again after she reacted on Don Jazzy’s birthday message on Instagram. She proposed a dinner date with the music mogul on his special day. Don Jazzy then asked her to set a date and place for this dinner.

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