Nigeria Nollywood actress Hilda Dokubo advises Nigerian police to mental evaluation test, See her reason

The popular Nigeria Nollywood actress Hilda Dokubo has advised that the police force in the country should undergo a mental evaluation since the force is ruined.

According to her, after the police force goes through the mental evaluation, the government can restructure rather than rebranding them every time.


She further suggested that the government should deploy them to Sambisa because they do not belong to civil society.

In her words..

“We are sick and tired of audio striking or whatever. We want to see it happen, 9 times they have rebranded them, but nothing has changed. The entire police force is messed up and they need to go in for proper mental evaluation.

And then you can restructure them, obviously not rebrand or renamed. We want to see it practically done. Listen, they are looking for where to deploy them to, I have a good suggestion, Sambisa needs people like them, they don’t belong to civil society”.

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