Popular actresses, Patience Ozokwor, Ebele Okaro Joins #ENDSARS Protest (+Video)

Well known Nigerian actresses, Patience Ozokwor and Ebele Okaro suspended their new film shoot in Owerri to denounce police ruthlessness as they loan their voice to the #EndSARS protest progressing over the nation.

In a video posted on Youtube, the delightful moms shouted out for harmony in the nation and prompted the leaders to do what the youths need as the youths will get angrier if their requests are not met.

Ebele said,

”Good evening, we are presently at a movie scene in Owerri, as much as we are working, we are also in support of what the whole youths in Nigeria are doing and we are saying #EndSARS and end whatever comes after it, which is called SWAT. Please end it, we need peace in this country.

But anything good in the country starts with us. We are doing our best, do your best.

Patience Ozokwor added that;

If the government don’t end sars, the youths are going to get angrier, and she believes nobody would be comfortable anymore.

Let us listen to the voice of our children. We don’t want SARS again. That’s our final answer. So we join our children to say, we don’t want SARS again.”



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