Pretty Mike And His 6 Pregnant Women Go International; Get Discussed On Popular American TV Talk Show

Socialite, Pretty Mike, made headlines last weekend after he attended the wedding of actor, Williams Uchemba, with six heavily pregnant women.

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Mike, was seen in one of the videos that trended, welcoming the women from an elevator while kissing and touching their bump, before he made it to the wedding grounds with them.

This got people talking for days, as some people bashed him for it and others found humor in it. But, the discussion didn’t end in Nigeria. It’s gone international.

The stunt has been spotted being discussed on popular American TV host, Wendy Williams‘ ‘Hot Topics‘ show. The host and her audience were shocked at how a man could impregnate 6 women all at once, believing it is something coming among African men.

She also talked about another stunt Pretty Mike pulled last year, after attending someone’s wedding reception with five women, dressed as brides.

Though it is unknown if Mike attended Uchemba’s wedding with five of the six women he attended the previous wedding with, but Wendy and her crew believed so.

Pretty Mike’s stunt at William Uchemba’s Wedding has still got people wondering if all the six women he attended the wedding with were truly impregnated by him as, some people believe, they are not his women.

Watch the Wendy William show below:

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