Refuse to date a jobless woman, BBNaija Leo DaSilva advises Nigerian Men

Leo DaSilva, ex-BBNaija housemate has advised men to be wise to not date a jobless woman. He says it’s only a wise man who will not think twice to refuse to date a jobless woman.

Leo’s advice came as a reaction comment to a girl who identifies herself as Wendi Osuji on twitter, who she reacted to a tweets from guys who have the conviction that, they cannot date a girl who is not stable financially.

According to Wendi Osuji, the boys are getting the concept of relationship wrong because, she believes it’s simply a matter of choice for girls to settle for whatever they want in a relationship.

She tweeted “I’ve seen tweets from guys saying they can’t date a girl that’s not financially stable. I’m a student. But never, like never have I felt attacked by such tweets. What’s actually up with some guys on Twitter? What I want must not make sense to you. It’s a choice boo.”

In This light, Leo also considered the poverty rate in Nigeria, and said it will be a witty move for a man to avoid dating a jobless woman.

He tweeted “Guys should have their own preference just as women have theirs. Dating someone that’s not working or doesn’t have adequate allowance is a burden. Nigeria, the poverty capital of the world, if a young man trying to come up refuses that burden, I think it’s a smart choice.”

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