Regina Daniels Spotted Driving On HIGH Speed After Drinking And Smoking (VIDEO)

Regina Daniels has been spotted driving at high speed after a night of enjoyment and heavy drinking.

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Videos of the billionaire wife smoking and drinking with her friends as they have fun together over the weekend were shared on Instagram.

Regina was seen drinking several rounds of tequila shots with her friends before resorting to shisha.

After their fun night was over, she was seen driving herself home and her demeanour and action while she was driving, suggested she was drunk. Though the exact speed limit she was driving at was not clear, one could tell she was driving at high speed.

Regina Daniels

Regina Daniels’ party life has become like an everyday thing for her. There’s not a single weekend that she doesn’t go out partying and drinking like it’s her last night.

Makes one wonder if that is how she intends to live her rich life or it’s just her youthful exuberance.

Watch the videos below:

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