Relationship blogger, Blessing Okoro celebrates 500k followers in a weird way (Video)

Nigerian relationship blogger, Blessing Okoro has taken to the street to celebrate reaching 500K Instagram followers in a very weird manner.Blessing celebrates 500k followers

Blessing celebrates 500k followers

Taking to the street in her neighborhood, the relationship blogger cared less if people were around or not.

However, in what seemed to be a brief moment of excitement, Blessing Okoro quickly retreated to her apartment where she appreciated her fans for helping her reach the milestone.Blessing celebrates 500k followers

Blessing celebrates 500k followers

Gasping for air, she said: “I know that might seem like madness but thank you guys, wow, 500k organic followers”.

Meanwhile her die-hard followers have since taken to her comment section tocongratulate her on her latest social media feat.

Watch the video below…

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Credit: Gistreel

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