Reno Omokri Advises Women To Stop Sending Drama To Relationship

Reno Omkri has touched on the topic of things men should look out for in a woman before they commit her to a relationship.

According to him, there are five important things a woman should bring to the table in a relationship. Key among them is to stop sending drama in a relationship. Few men can stand women who act drama in relationships. Mostly they are those that give their men frustration and elude them of the happiness that comes with relationship and marriage.

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He also spoke about the ability of the woman to reduce expenses in the relationship. He said women can reduce expenses in a relationship by cooking to avoid buying food from outside which can be expensive.

He wrote:

5 Things a Woman Can Bring To The Table in Relationships:

•Reduce his expenses by cooking
•Eliminate loneliness
•Emotional support
•No drama
•Aligning with his life goals

Intercourse, however, should not be brought to the table

See photo  below:

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