Rita Dominic Gears Into The Christmas Mood As She Puts Up Her Christmas Tree

From all indications, Nigerian celebrities and making it big time in preparation for the yuletide, some are buying the latest cars, receiving huge sums of money, and many others.

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Award-winning Nigerian actress, Rita Dominic, is not relenting at all with her preparations for the Christmas celebrations in a grand style.

Just two days into December, Rita Dominic has already begun mounting Christmas trees in anticipation of the d day.

The excited Rita Dominic shared a video of her Christmas tree glowing with different colors on her Instagram story.

Watch the video below,

In many African homes, Christmas an opportunity for all Christians to celebrate the birth of Christ Jesus.

Before this Indomie generation, every young child then was happy seeing Christmas approach because it was a time you get to wear new clothes and eat the best of food through the year.

That cannot be said of today, thanks to modernity.

Source: ab-tc.com

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