See DJ Cuppy’s Reaction After She Bumped Into A Man Who Tried Taking Photo With Her Ferrari In London (+Video)

DJ Cuppy

DJ Cuppy has started responses via social media with how she took care of a man who wanted to take a picture close to her Ferrari vehicle.

A few people don’t permit aliens to come around their stuff, consequently respond contrarily when they find such.

Well, hers was different as she gave an admirable reaction when she busted into a man trying to flex whilst taking photos with her Ferrari.

DJ Cuppy

In a video sighted on social media, she found a strange man standing behind her car for pictures but he decided to leave the scene as soon as Dj Cuppy got there.

She did not react negatively but was rather cool with the man with some smiles.

She has even wanted to give him the chance to do what he wanted but felt he was okay.

 Watch the interesting video below:

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