“She Can’t Kill Herself Because Of Waistline” – Fan Defends Dorathy Over Her “Unshaped Potbelly” Fracas On Social Media

BBNaija Star, Dorathy Banchor, after being trolled on social media over her potbelly, has gotten a fan to come to her rescue.

She has been backlashed by social media users bacause she surprised them with an unshapped potbelly, which has never been seen, even when she was in Big Brother House.

– Newzandar –

A fan who was not in support of her being body shamed left a message to free her from the insults of social media users.

According to a user called @correctbabe , the first runner up of Big Brother Season five can not restrict her freedom because of her waist trainer.

By way of defending her, she indicated that, Dorathy can not come and kill herself just because she does not have a waistline.

Dorathy, being an abassador for Mapia waist trainer is expected to exhibit the advantages of using the Waist trainer.

However, her failure in wearing it has brought her a disgrace by displaying her pot belly and getting body shamed by her followers.

See photos below:

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– Newzandar –

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