Some people in the media have no integrity – Tiwa Savage explains why she turns down interviews

Nigerian singer, Tiwa Savage, has taken a swipe at some people in the media industry.

The media and artists were supposed to work hand in hand because they are highly interdependent. Media people need musicians for interviews, content for news, and even use their music for their shows. Musicians too rely heavily on the media to promote their work and engage the masses through the radio and television.

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But sometimes, some reporters engage in a smear campaign against the artist that can influence their brands badly. Media reports have ruined many brands before.

Tiwa Savage has told the people in the media to understand her when she refuses to grant them interviews. She said they shouldn’t be offended because some people in the industry have no integrity. She wrote:

Please do not be offended when I turn down interviews. I feel bad BUT some few bad eggs in this nigerian media industry have made it hard. THEY HAVE NO INTEGRITY

She tweeted:

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