VIDEO: ‘Undergrave’ Artiste, Tisha, Says She’ll Never Collaborate With Wendy Shay

One of the bunch of undergrave artistes out there, Tisha, of Zylofon Media has revealed the one Ghanaian musician she will never collaborate with.

And this musician she will never collaborate with is Wendy Shay. If Tisha is saying she will never be on a song with Wendy Shay then which musician in Ghana does she have in mind to collaborate with? Maybe Patapaa.

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It’s obvious that Tisha is riding on Wendy Shay‘s little fame to grab the headlines and trend for some three seconds. For all we know, Wendy Shay is bigger and popular than Tisha so what’s she talking about?

Tisha is probably begging behind close doors to be on a song with Wendy Shay. Watch the short interview below…

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