“Women Supporting Women Is The Biggest Scam Of Our Generation” – Dr. Theresa

Many men believe women are not competing to impress or draw the attention of men but rather competing amongst themselves.

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When the completion becomes so intense, jealousy and all the negative behaviors set in.

It is in this regard that “Ultimate Love” icon,  Dr. Theresa Ifeoma Ugorji, popularly known as Dr. Theresa, has downplayed the claims of women supporting each other to grow in life or succeed in a business.

According to her, the biggest scam of this generation is the women supporting women mantra being preached by her colleagues.

She added that women are the first people to laugh at you fail or things do not go as planned in this life.

Dr. Theresa believes the same women who claim to be supporting you, will body or slut-shame you openly.

Even in relationships, she said women hate to see you happy, they destroy it at all cost. She advised that one must support herself and she’s good to go.

Source: ab-tc.com

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